Brand Strategy and Identity

Brand strategy and identity are critical for companies to succeed in a crowded marketplace

A mere 10-second impression can determine up to 90% of a consumer’s judgment about a brand. In today’s saturated market, having a compelling brand isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. We dive deep into the intricacies of your brand, developing a brand strategy and identity that resonates with your target audience and differentiates you from competitors.

We build brands that cut through the noise

Cohesive identity

A well-crafted brand identity ensures every touchpoint, from logos to language, echoes a unified and unmistakable brand message. 

Increased brand recall

With a compelling and consistent brand strategy, consumers remember your brand over competitors, leading to higher loyalty and referral rates.

Distinct positioning

Proper brand positioning ensures you occupy a distinct place in the consumer’s mind, differentiating you from competitors and making you the industry-leading choice. 

Our strategic approach builds brands that matter 

Phase 1



Market research

Delving into market trends, customer preferences, and industry benchmarks to inform your brand direction.


Qualitative meetings

Engaging stakeholders and teams to gather in-depth insights about the brand’s past, present, and envisioned future.


Brand auditing

Analysis of current brand assets, communications, and market presence to identify strengths and areas of improvement.

Branding agency that delivers brand identities for companies across different international markets
Branding agency that delivers brand strategy and identity for recruitment companies
Phase 2



SWOT analysis

Identification of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to create a roadmap for brand elevation.


Customer personas

Crafting detailed customer profiles, understanding their motivations, challenges, and buying behaviours to tailor your brand messaging.


Competitor mapping

Understanding where you stand in relation to competitors, spotlighting areas for differentiation and dominance.

Phase 3




Brainstorming and finalizing a brand name that is memorable, relevant, and evokes the right emotions.


Mood-boards and creative concepts

Development of visual concepts that encapsulate the brand’s essence, ensuring aesthetics align with brand values.


Visual identity system design

Crafting a comprehensive visual system, from logos to typography, that ensures visual consistency across all platforms.



Design of collateral brand assets like signage, vehicles, and digital assets that reinforce the brand’s identity.

Brand strategy and brand identity design by a branding agency for a company in the travel sector


Brand solutions geared for the complexity of digital

Gone are the days when branding was confined to print ads and billboards; today’s brands exist in an ever-evolving, interconnected digital ecosystem. This dynamic environment demands not just visual appeal, but also agility, authenticity, and a consistent narrative across diverse platforms. As screens of all sizes become the primary touch points for audiences worldwide, our strategies have pivoted to embrace the digital-first mentality.

By intertwining traditional branding principles with the nuances of the digital realm, we ensure that brands don’t just exist but thrive and resonate, leaving indelible imprints in the minds of the today’s mobile-first consumers.

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