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Take Off

Consumer Goods
Eastern Europe

Client overview

Established in 2015, Take Off has emerged as the foremost player in Eastern Europe’s specialised B2B distribution of luxury fashion brands. Boasting distribution rights for over 150 premium brands, including Armani, Calvin Klein, Guess, Philipp Plein, Trussardi, and more, Take Off has sold over 30 million items. While initially rooted in Eastern Europe, Take Off’s footprint now spans 20 countries, showcasing its adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving demands of the fashion industry. 

The challenge

Take Off sought an outsourced partner with expertise in corporate positioning, creative strategy, and content production. The company aimed to enhance its content strategy across social media and its website, positioning itself as a corporate leader in the industry while simultaneously strengthening its appeal as a top employer brand. 

I have an outstanding experience collaborating with Bullshark. Their expertise across various digital channels and dedication to achieving results set them apart. From the initial consultation to the execution of marketing strategies, Bullshark displayed professionalism and proficiency. Communication is seamless, with regular updates and data-driven recommendations for optimization. Bullshark’s transparency and willingness to listen to our feedback strengthened our partnership. Overall, I highly recommend Bullshark to any business seeking to enhance its online presence and drive growth. Their commitment to delivering tangible results makes them an invaluable asset in today’s competitive digital landscape.”

Arian Sohrabi

Marketing Manager at Take Off

The solution

Bullshark provided an end-to-end solution tailored to Take Off’s needs: 

Product placement

We executed a strategic communication approach to showcase Take Off’s diverse brand portfolio and extensive distribution network. Through visually engaging content and compelling messaging, we highlighted the unique value propositions of each brand, fostering brand recognition and attracting potential clients. 

Thought leadership

Leveraging Take Off’s industry expertise, we curated content to position the brand as a thought leader within the luxury fashion distribution sector. By sharing insights, industry trends, and expert advice, Take Off was positioned as more than just a product distributor but as a trusted advisor capable of optimising clients’ inventory strategies for enhanced profitability and success. 

Featured profiles

To humanise the brand and enhance its appeal as an employer, we crafted compelling profiles showcasing the expertise and accomplishments of key team members. By spotlighting the individuals behind the brand, we aimed to attract top talent, foster employee engagement, and reinforce Take Off’s reputation as a dynamic and supportive workplace. 

Supplier-Side Messaging

Tailored communication strategies were deployed to engage potential suppliers and encourage them to explore partnership opportunities with Take Off. Through targeted messaging campaigns highlighting the benefits of collaboration, we aimed to attract high-quality suppliers, expand the brand’s product offerings, and strengthen its competitive advantage in the market.

News Management

In addition to social media, we meticulously managed Take Off’s news publications on its website. By curating and publishing timely and relevant content related to industry developments, company updates, and market insights, we bolstered Take Off’s corporate positioning and credibility.  

Furthermore, our comprehensive SEO implementation across the website and individual news publications ensured maximum visibility and organic traffic generation, further amplifying Take Off’s online presence and influence within the industry. 

The outcome

Through Bullshark’s integrated approach, Take Off successfully enhanced its corporate positioning and employer branding.

The company’s social media presence became more engaging and informative, positioning Take Off as an industry leader while attracting top talent and new supplier partnerships. This strategic partnership enabled Take Off to maintain its leadership position in the B2B luxury fashion brand distribution space and continue its expansion into new markets.

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