Food & Beverage

Client overview

Munch was born when major fruit and vegetable importer recognised the growing demand for a specialised retail store, differentiated through an unparalleled range of local and international produce available under one roof. This would also enable the business to diversify its revenue streams by successfully penetrating the DTC vertical.

The challenge

There is nothing spectacular about fruit and vegetables. Consumers view these products as a necessity, and typically purchase them out of habit, from the store that is most conveniently located in terms of proximity to one’s home.

We wanted to change the game, introducing the first fruit and vegetables store to employ a strong brand identity – strong enough to give people a reason to break their habit and shop directly from Munch.

The solution

Our strategic exercise came to fruition through the creation of Munch's unique visual identity system

We opted for a bold move within the creative space. Munch’s vision came to life through a distinct visual look that focused on making shopping for fruit and vegetables a fun, interactive experience – rather than a boring and repetitive one.

We deployed a mobile-first, intelligent pricing e-commerce website to drive sales

E-commerce would serve as Munch’s primary retail point. We created an intuitive, easy-to-use platform, enabling users to place an order in just a few clicks. Based on the market requirements, an important component to our work on the website’s backend data structuring involved dual price listing across each product: a price per unit (which users would add to cart), and a price per kilo (which would enable users to compare Munch’s prices to standard market prices).

Munch Boxes: product-driven competitive differentiation

A major pain point faced by consumers when shopping for fruits and vegetables is accessibility to small-sized portions. Not only does this safeguard customers from overspending as a result of excessive food quantities, but it also plays an important role in the brand’s commitment to sustainability as a result of reduced food wastage.

We worked closely with the client to develop Munch Boxes. These involved a carefully selected curation of seasonal fruits and vegetables, enabling customers to enjoy a variety of flavours in a manner that is cost-conscious and environmentally conscious.

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