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Client overview

Hair Haven is a leading online retailer specialising in haircare and beauty products. With a wide range of premium brands such as Olaplex, Ivybears, Milk_Shake, and MoroccanOil, Hair Haven has established itself as a prominent player in the industry.

The challenge

While Hair Haven already operated a successful hair salon with a steady stream of customers, they wanted to expand their business into the retail sector. They sought to leverage an e-commerce model to scale their revenue growth without the limitations of a physical location.

Hair Haven approached us to be their all-in-one digital partner, assisting them in building a powerful online store and implementing effective online marketing campaigns to drive results.

“Bullshark has helped our business grow, built our e-commerce system to a top level. Launching was very smooth and all the team is very very helpful and understanding. Cannot praise enough all the team for their effort and dedication and would recommend Bullshark all the way. Five Star Recommendation.

Brady Taylor

Director at Hair Haven

The solution

Building Hair Haven's e-commerce machine

Our first step was designing and developing an advanced e-commerce store for Hair Haven. With approximately 500 products, the store was meticulously crafted for user-friendliness. We incorporated features such as a popup cart, brand/product-line mega menus, and checkout calendars to streamline the purchasing process and create an immersive shopping experience.

Best local e-Commerce store

The user-friendly design of Hair Haven’s website received recognition from the public. In both 2021 and 2022, Hair Haven won the prestigious “Best Local E-Commerce Store” award from MCCAAA, a recognition based on public voting.

Performance marketing at scale

Once the online store was launched, we shifted our focus to marketing and sales, developing a comprehensive strategy from the ground up. Our approach involved studying thousands of Amazon reviews on haircare products to identify consumer pain points and key selling points in the sector. We then implemented this research into a well-sequenced advertising funnel, generating significant web traffic and retargeting visitors based on their specific product interests on Hair Haven’s website.

The outcome

Hair Haven experienced rapid growth in the haircare retail sector. Within less than two months of working together, we surpassed Hair Haven’s revenue targets. Furthermore, Hair Haven gained substantial negotiating power with suppliers, leading to significant increases in their profit margins.

As Hair Haven’s trusted digital partner, we enabled their successful expansion into the online retail space, helping them establish a strong presence and achieve remarkable growth in the highly competitive haircare industry.


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