Client overview

Established in 2019, caters to cricket lovers worldwide, offering detailed match predictions backed by thorough analyses and expert insights. Beyond the odds, delves into the narratives behind each run, wicket, and boundary. With a team of seasoned experts analysing past performances, player forms, and pitch conditions, delivers comprehensive match predictions. 

The challenge faced a challenge with an outdated website user experience, impacting conversion rates. Additionally, the cluttered presence of affiliate links hindered the delivery of the core value proposition – expert-written, data-backed cricket predictions. 

The solution

We designed a mobile-first web application with strategic elements to optimise Cricket Betting’s conversion rates: 

Match Pods

Redesigned match pods displaying odds with a compact view optimised for mobile, ensuring easy scrolling for users with optimal information hierarchy. 

Affiliate Links

Strategically relocated affiliate links to strike a balance between directing traffic and maintaining user experience. 

Promotional Areas

Key website locations dedicated to affiliate highlights, maximising click-through rates. 

Multi-Regional Predictions

Implemented filterable match predictions according to different leagues. 

Chronological Ordering

Sorted matches into live and scheduled games, arranged by match times. 

Human Element Integration

Integrated cricket experts into all posts and match predictions, emphasising the expertise behind each prediction. 

SEO Prioritisation

Provided significant real estate for long-form content to optimise organic search rankings related to cricket match predictions. 

Regulatory Compliance

Ensured adherence to regulatory standards and compliance requirements, safeguarding the platform’s integrity and user trust. 

The outcome

Through these strategic enhancements, enhanced user experience, increased conversion rates, and strengthened its position as a leading platform for cricket enthusiasts globally.

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