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Bullshark internships

We offer a range of internship placements with excellent mentorship and training schemes, enabling you to hit the ground running and setup your career for success. 

We provide flexible opportunities, built around your schedule

Full-time placements

Work with us on a full-time, 40-hour work week basis to maximise the pace at which build experience and integrate with the workforce. 

Part-time placements

Currently studying and need the extra flexibility? We can provide a part-time schedule built around your needs (minimum commitment of 20 hours per week required).

Why intern
at Bullshark?

Hands-on experience

Work with clients across a range of different industries and markets, gaining exposure to varied responsibilities across multiple practice areas. 

Senior mentorship

Work hand-in-hand with experienced personnel, showing you the ins-and-outs of your role and helping you thrive.

Find your best fit

Choose your area of interest, and work in the specific role that you would like to build a career in. If you’re unsure of your preferences, we can provide exposure to varied disciplines. 

Choose an internship in your area of interest





Why start your career
at Bullshark?

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